Pine Gazebo Cupola

Our pine gazebo cupolas are handcrafted using treated pine, one of the most popular softwoods used in woodworking. A pine gazebo cupola is a charming, yet functional addition to your building as pine is known for its ability to resist shrinking and swelling.

Pine gazebo cupolas are suitable for coastal locations and with proper maintenance can last for years.

Browse our pine cupolas handcrafted by Amish in Lancaster County. From our rustic Pine Gazebo Cupolas with Cedar Tops to our stately Octagonal Pine Gazebo Cupolas with Copper Tops, these units are perfect for adding charm to your property.

When choosing the cupola for your gazebo, consider the size of your gazebo. Use the formula of 1” to 1 1/2” of cupola base per foot of roofline for the most pleasing size. Also consider the type of pine cupola you want: will it serve to ventilate your gazebo? If so, consider a louvered style. You might prefer windowed pine gazebo cupolas with options to add screening or windowpanes.

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Showing all 2 results