How To Choose The Perfect Cupola

The first step is to find out the length of your unbroken roof line where you would like to mount your cupola.  To determine your roof line, simply measure from end to end at the peak of your roof.

Most home designers would agree that 1″ – 1 1/4″ of cupola base measurement per foot of roof line is structurally correct.  For example, a 24-foot, 2-car garage, with a conventional roof, would call for a cupola with a base measurement of 24″ to 30″.

Whether you choose the smaller or larger measurement is ultimately up to you and the look you’re trying to achieve.  Most people install cupolas for decorative purposes.  Normally, people that go with the larger measurement are trying to make the cupola a focal point of their building.  

On larger barns or structures, the length or size of the roof does not allow for just one cupola.  Most people will use a series of cupolas to accumulate enough base inches per foot of roof line.  For example, a 60-foot roof line could support two – 20″ cupolas on the sides and a single 36″ cupola in the center.  

When installing a series of two cupolas, they should be evenly spaced and equally sized, where in a series of three, you generally want the center cupola to be significantly larger.

If you have a roof that is unique or you’re just not sure about choosing a size, please feel free to contact us at 717-284-2574.  We will be glad to give you some options.  

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