59″ Vinyl & Copper Window Cupola


59″ Vinyl & Copper Window Cupola

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59″ Vinyl & Copper Window Cupola. Our classic all vinyl cupola is durable and includes multiple windows for maximum natural sun light allowance. It is equipped with a  copper roof, and comes in 2 design options. You can select your choice of the standing seam concave roof (as shown) or standard straight roof.

The Versatex brand vinyl board measures in at 5/8” thick. This beautifully designed Cupola has an arched window body design with UV rated plexiglass.  The base is tall enough to accommodate a roof pitch up to 10/12.  Steeper roof pitches will require an extended base.  Weathervane ready with built-in mounting hardware.  Options include a hinged window for interior access and a light mount bar, available for an additional cost.  Call for a freight quote on cupolas 33” and larger.

If you have been looking for a 59″ Vinyl & Copper Window Cupola, then you will love our high end, durable and well designed Cupolas. At Amish Country Products, we are proud to only offer the best in quality from start to finish. Our production standards for workers and finished product are based in caring for humanity and nature as a whole.

Our Cupolas can be found in a few different varieties including different sizes, roofing structures, materials and more. If you would like to shop our other Cupolas, please click here to shop them. Our Cupolas are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and they are easy to clean due to the vinyl siding. The white color makes our Cupolas easy to match for any rooftop decoration.

Because of our window design, our Vinyl & Copper Window Cupolas, let in more airflow and keep your home or barn much more ventilated. This leads to fresher air for family members, as well as for your barn animals.

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