Optional 4 Piece Caster Set for Tack Cabinets



Optional 4 piece caster set for tack cabinets. Turn your cabinet into a rollable unit with this 4 piece caster set for tack cabinets. Easy installation for conversation on small to medium tack cabinets. Optional caster wheels allow you to easily move your cabinet on hard floor surfaces and some carpets. If you need a versatile, movable tack cabinet this is a perfect option for you.

Now you can store you most used tack items in a more portable moveable box. Great for in the barn or on the road. Easy to roll up and down a ramp to pack in trucks. For those that like to keep a tidy stall and barn, this optional 4 piece caster set is a great addition because it makes moving your tack box easy, so you can clean under and behind it easily.

You can use 4 casters for small to medium boxes, and add 2-4 more for longer boxes that might need more support. This 4 piece caster set is easy to install on wood tack boxes, and will hold up in fairly rugged conditions. Easy to clean by just hosing off and patting dry.

Our optional caster set make a great gift and addition for any horse enthusiasts collection.  Need a nice wood tack box to install these on? Take a look at our specialty wood boxes for all of your Equestrian and barn furniture needs.  We have a wide selection of tack cabinets and feed bins, cabinets including single door and double door cabinets, saddle cabinets, and Equestrian cabinets.

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